This website is set up to document the reception children’s art project at Brunel Field site of Ashley Down Primary School. The reception class will be working with sculptor Pete Moorhouse to create a new artwork for the wall at the front of the school.

The project started in February and on this website I will be showing a selection of the children’s explorations and developing work.

Hopefully it can be a useful format for the children to share their learning with their parents and form the starting point for discussions. They were particularly keen that I put up the pictures of themselves woodworking as for the majority it was their first experience of using “real” tools and working with wood to create wooden sculptures – which we used to explore abstract form.

Location of artwork will be the on the wall at the front of the school.

At the top of this page you can click on other pages to see their woodworking and wooden sculptures both painted and plain.

We are hoping to have the design finalised soon and the artwork installed by the end of March.

Below are a selection of images showing some of our explorations.

Pete Moorhouse

If you are interested to see some of my work please visit:


and the final work installed!


The Evening Post celebrate our artwork!

The final artwork installed!

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Making the artwork in our “studio”

The pupils helped Pete arrange the pieces on the panels. We decided to add some new shapes and remove others until we were happy with the final design. Pet then attached all the shapes and installed the work on the front wall of the school.

exploring colour

We spent time exploring colour to help us think about what colours we’d like to use in the final design. We experimented with various palettes and colour mixing and creating designs using many colours and again with just one or two.

We painted abstract paintings, made coloured stained glass windows, made colourful spin paintings and painted our wooden sculptures.

Don’t forget to follow the links at the top of the page to see the woodworking and wooden sculptures!!

exploring abstract form

As a school we decided that we would like the design of the final artwork to be abstract. We spent time discussing what abstract means and then investigated possible shapes, firstly by sketching and then cutting various abstract shapes and seeing which worked well to form a composition – at the same time thinking about colour and form.

Don’t forget to follow the links at the top of the page to see the woodworking and wooden sculptures!!